The Seed House


Accompaniment happens when we walk alongside each other to offer support and presence.

Accompaniment can only occur when activities, projects, or movements are led by the communities from which they originate. At The Seed House ~ La Casa de la Semilla, we walk with people and groups doing their own thing, finding their own solutions to the needs of their neighborhood or community. We support project growth, leadership development, and efforts to build new skills and stronger relationships. We don’t own the projects themselves.

We work with people who are creating something from their own ideas and strengths.  

In this way we serve as an incubator, nurturing creativity and fostering new connections between people as they find the resources they need to put their creativity into action. This accompaniment model holds important implications for the power dynamics of our work within the community. Our job is not to take control, imposing or directing the flow of a project.

Our role is to provide support, resources, spaces for collaboration, and questions for reflection and analysis.