The Seed House

Community organizing is a tool for transformational social change.  Collectively the staff and founders of Seed House have practiced in the field of community organizing for over 45 years.  While The Seed House sees its approach to social change and Movement in its most natural and organic state, recognizing that most things are out of our control and a matter of working with “what is”,  its facilitators are also aware of the importance of some distinctives in community organizing that is important in participation and moving with power in times like these.  “People are the experts of their own problems” is a long held understanding and continues to be a critical element to changing the world as we know it into the world we want to live in.  It is foundational that we entrust people who are directly affected by the problems we face as a society and discover and develop community in the process of finding their voice and developing their collective power.  

As Ella Baker said: “Give Light and people will find a way”.