The Seed House

We are artists, activists, and dreamers in Wichita. We create public art that tellsĀ the stories of our neighborhoods and our community. We invite people to think about importantĀ social issues by making art with us or by visiting our art all around Wichita. We believe that all people can create and act in ways that build up a healthy community. We celebrate the voices and vision of artists who are telling the stories of creative resistance to mistreatment and injustice. We are muralists, graffiteros, sculptors, potters, educators, learners, musicians, poets, dreamers, innovators, and community members.

We are Artivists.

Artivism is the creation of art at the intersection of social justice and activism. Artivism is a strategy for social change which engages people directly impacted by an issue in a process of creative expression. The voices of people targeted by injustice are amplified to the public realm, agitating all of us to create awareness and action.