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Click HERE to sign our petition to stop the incarceration of youth in the foster care system. In our experience, the behavioral health needs of foster youth are often the result of trauma and the lack of services youth face in our foster care system.  Arresting and incarcerating traumatized youth will, of course, only make their behavioral health needs worse.


Our story is BIGGER than the box, you try to put us in.


Progeny is an advocacy group of young people who have been touched by the juvenile justice system who advocate for change in policy and how it impacts youth in the juvenile justice system. They meet once per week to discuss campaign strategy, actionable goals to connect in the community, their own life experiences, and issues related to reforming the juvenile justice system that create more proactive and healthy solutions instead of putting youth in jail.

Protecting our voice and advocating for Kansas youth touched by the juvenile justice system.

Progeny in New Jersey at our annual convening with our national partners Youth First, to talk strategy, organizing & mobilizing.

Progeny hosted their first event: Taking Action on Violence Cypher & Community Meeting. Where the community gathered to talk about proactive solutions to countering the violence in their community. Afterwards there was a Cypher were young people show-cased their talents.