The Seed House

Like seeds, small & dynamic, we as people have the potential to grow our leadership over time. No matter what stage of development we are in, we always need to strengthen and deepen ourselves. The Seed House – La Casa de la Semilla provides space for this planting to further emerge and grow in a way that leadership is strong and visible in the world so that many others are supported in their communities to lead and change the world around them.

As we lean into leadership for the long haul, we make commitments around not only the how and why of leading but also to taking care of ourselves, feeding the roots that extend into the soil of Love and ground of our being. becoming our more authentic self, while at the same time further developing our clear Voice that speaks Truth to Power in the world around us.

Our Approach to Leadership Development  emphasizes three equally important areas of growth: 1) individual leadership skills and capacities

2) practicing shared leadership within a community

3) creating an action plan and strategies that engage people in addressing current challenges faced by unheard and underheard communities.

Recent Projects